Monday, October 10, 2011

Some good new stuff

So after a bit of a dry spell there is an ass load of really good electronic music coming out around now.

The two former members of the now defunct dubstep duo Vex'd, Jamie Teasdale and Roly Porter, are both releasing their own solo albums, Teasdale under the name Kuedo. They are both very good. Kuedo's album Severant is more beat oriented, and you could probably categorize it as "bass music" or "future garage" if you were so inclined. Roly Porter went in a completely different direction with his LP Aftertime, which is much more concerned with elements of musique concrete and ambience. They are both absolutely worth checking out. I honestly can't decide which I prefer.


Those two albums really wowed me but it's hard to say that either of them are easy listens. This new LP by mystery producer patten conversely aims for the pleasure centers in the brain and is honestly way more experimental and exciting anyway. I'm hearing all sorts of parallels to everything from My Bloody Valentine to Flying Lotus to Oval to that collaboration Teebs and Jackhigh did last year. This is what we call 3D sound. The album is so giddy with excitement and new ideas that it can hardly contain itself. Very fun and different music.


I listened to that Andy Stott album Passed Me By earlier in the year and wasn't really feeling it. Since then I've done a full 180 degree turn and I can't get enough of what the man has to offer. His new album, We Stay Together, could act as a companion piece to Passed Me By. Both showcase his twisted take on bass music: suck out all the treble, warp the results and leave it all out in the open, in negative space, to create a haunting, pulsing, almost primal sound.


Composers Adam Wiltzie (of Stars of the Lid) and Dustin O'Halloran have collaborated under the name A Winged Victory for the Sullen and have released an album of the same name. If you know either artist you can sort of know what to expect here: beautiful melancholy piano and strings with swashes of electronic ambience. It is delicately composed music that is soft to the ear. Very beautiful and moving stuff. I'd highly recommend it if you want something lovely to fall asleep to.


Warp signee Rustie is dropping his debut album Glass Swords soon. It has already gotten a lot of praise as being some of the best electronic pop music to come out in a long time. There are definitely some transcendent moments here. This is exciting, energizing music that takes a lot of cues from '80s pop as well as pushing things forward with modern sounds. There's nothing particularly experimental about this but it stands as an effective amalgamation of a lot of styles into an incredibly catchy product.

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