Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ongoing list of Stroopwafel dishes

Straight up Stroopwafels - Incredible instantaneous pleasure. If you are in Holland smoke cigarettes, stop that and allocate your funds to Stroopwafels. A much more satisfying addiction

Peanut butter + Stroopwafel - Thick and wonderful.

Jelly + Stroopwafel - Fruit goes well with Stroopwafels so jam and jelly usually complement them quite nicely.

PBnJ Stroopwafel - Sex

Super Stroopwafel, from the market near my apartment - These are the big ones that they warm right in front of you. They taste much different. It's hard to describe and a bit hard to remember right now. Definitely worth checking out.

Grilled Cheese and Stroopwafel Sandwich - A worthwhile experiment but I wouldn't really go out of my way to do it again. It was definitely weird. I would rather have both things by themselves.

Fried Stroopwafel - I saw God

Still yet to try:
Nutella + Stroopwafel

I'm forgetting stuff. I'll edit this when I remember or try something new.

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